· Current Height: 5-7 feet

· Mature Height: 50-75 feet

· Growth Rate: Medium (13”-24” per year)

· Light: Full sun

· Soil: Medium to wet, adaptable to drier soil

· Deer resistant: Medium

· Landscape uses: Serves as a lawn, shade, or street tree

  Native range here

· Fun fact: Known as the “wood eternal” because of its resistance to decay; often used for heavy construction, including bridges, docks, warehouses.


Bald Cypress

7 Gallons
  • One of the longest living trees in the world, Bald cypress's lacy leaves turn burnt orange in the fall. In the wild it’s often found in swamps, its branches weighed down with Spanish moss and "knees" forming at its base; it is adaptable to dry and does well in yards or along streets and is a beautiful specimen tree.

    Pollinator value: Low; however baldcypress provides nesting for bald eagles, other birds, waterfowl and small mammals.  In wet areas baldcypress roots soak up large volumes of floodwaters, which prevents erosion.  Baldcypress can top 100 feet in the wild.