• Mature height: 30- 75 feet; 20-35' spread shapely with a straight trunk
  • Color: Scarlet leaves; blue fruits are sour and best left for wildlife

  • Attracts: birds, insignificant flowers provide early nectar for bees

  • Growing conditions: well-drained soil; tolerates drought and standing water; full sun to partial shade; best planted in spring.

Fun fact: The Tupelo is a favorite of honey producers, generating a light and sought-after sweetner that can fetch a high price ☺


Black gum/Tupelo--Coming Soon

3 Gallons
  • A great ornamental tree, the Tupelo features dark green, glossy leaves turning scarlet in the fall and thick, plated bark.  Its graceful, drooping branches add elegance to the landscape.  Birds love the fall berries, and the spring flowers provide nectar for bees.