• Height: 30-50 feet

  • Bloom time: May to June

  • Fast growing--3-4 feet per year

  • One of the strongest trees in the world;  very adaptable to climates and soil types 

Fun Fact: ☺Honey produced by pollen from the black locust is delicious and sought after. 


Black Locust

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3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    It was the fragrant, pea-like flowers of the black locust, blooming in the spring, that reportedly sent John Muir on his adventures as a naturalist.  

    • Hummingbirds love the flowers
    • Red-eyed vireo and rufous-sided towhee have shown a preference for locust for habitat, and screech owls use it for roosting.
    • Leaves are valuable and nutritious feed for livestock (not horses)
    • Great for windbreaks, shade and shelter for animals
    • Sometimes considered aggressive because it grows and spreads quickly, often forming thickets