• Mature height: 30-50 feet

  • Bloom time: year-round

  • Color: blueish to silvery green

  • Attracts: Grouse, squirrels, chickadees, deer, porcupine

  • Growing conditions: Full sun to partial shade.

  • Native range: Mountain slopes in the Western United States, where it typically grows 80 to 130 feet tall.

Photo: S. Rae

Concolor Fir / White Fir

3 Gallons
  • A great Christmas tree and beautiful evergreen for the landscape, our potted concolor can be planted right in your yard after the frost ends and the soil loosens a bit.  The concolor is not only a beautiful evergreen with needles that are blueish or silvery green, but it has a delightful, citrussy aroma.  Squirrels, grouse, chickadees and deer all love the concolor.