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     Vibrant fall, with its golden yellows, brilliant reds, deep mauves and purples.  With this Fall Foliage kit, your yard will come alive just as the blooming season is winding down.


     Your kit includes the best of the fall coloring trees:


     Possible substitutions are noted in the information section to the right. 


     As a bonus, these trees also provide beautiful flowers, some in spring and others later in the season.


For Fall Foliage

  • The first to turn, late August:

    • Mountain Gordlinia (a cultivar) ($125)
    • Sourwood ($75)

    By early fall:

    • Serviceberry ‘Autumn Brilliance’ ($75)
    • Blackgum ($75)

    Later in fall

    • Red Maple ‘October Glory’, a cultivar ($150)

    5 plants: $500, minus 10% from individual purchases = $450

    Possible additions or substitutions:

    • Virginia Creeper (vine) ($35)
    • Fragrant or Smooth Sumac ($45)
    • Blackhaw Viburnum ($45)
    • American Hornbeam ($45)
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