• Black Cherry Tree (dark red fruit Aug-Oct; jellies, jams, pies, syrups, 5 gallon)
  • Red Chokecherry ‘Brilliantissima’ (winter fruits, jams and jellies, 3 gallon)
  • Pawpaw (2) (fall fruits, raw or in pies, 3 gallon)
  • Downy Serviceberry (pictured) (late summer fruits; jams, jellies, pies, 3 gallon)
  • American Red Plum (late summer cherries; jams, jellies, brandy, whiskey, 5 gallon)
  • Red Mulberry (late spring fruits; raw and baked, 1 gallon)

To Create a Garden of Fruiting Trees

  • Love to bake?  Love to garden and grow and pick your own food?  Love birds?  This fruiting (and flowering!) kit might be just the fun new project for you.  Some of the fruits from these selections can be eaten right off the vine.  Others are best baked into cakes and pies and made into juices and jams.

    Looking for a gift for a friend who likes to bake?  Look no further!