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  • Mature height: 4 to 6 feet with a spread of 3 to 4 feet
  • Light: Full sun; tolerates some afternoon shade
  • Soil: Moist to wet
  • Landscape uses: Tall plant for border areas, native plant gardens and along pond and stream banks
  • Pair with: Obedient Plant, Hyssop Leaf Boneset
  • Deer resistance:  Moderate
  • Spreads by rhizomes

Fun fact: Legend has it that Joe Pye was a colonial-era medicine man who used this plant to cure typhoid fever and bring an end to an epidemic in Massachusetts.

Joe Pye Weed

1 Quart
  • Pollinator value:  Very high.  Attracts various bee species, butterflies and more.

    This low maintenance perennial produces showy clusters of fragrant pink to purple flowers that bloom from mid-summer to early fall.

    Goes well with Obedient Plant, Hyssop Leaf Boneset, Black-Eyed Susan.