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  • Mature size: 1-2'
  • Light: Part to full shade
  • Soil: Moist, well-drained
  • Bloom: White, April-May
  • Deer resistance: No
  • Landscape uses: Shaded woodland or wildflower garden.  Good en masse.

** Trilliums are spring ephemerals and will go dormant in summer.  Pair with other shade-loving perennials, such as Turtlehead, Heart-leaved Aster, Wild Ginger, Wild Blue Phlox

Nodding Wakerobin

3 Quarts
  • Pollinator value: Medium; attracts native bees

    Lovely, three-petaled white flower blooms in early spring.  Delicate green leaves are whorled at the top. 

    Excellent for a shade or woodland garden.  Needs deer protection.