Our size: 5-6 feet

Mature size: 30-50 foot multi-trunked tree; tallest of the native willows sometimes reaching heights of 70'.

Weeping branches; orange-yellow twigs; lovely soft foliage

Sun or light shade; wet soil

Great along river banks and for bank stabilization

Willow, Peachleaf

3 Gallons
  • Various native bees and flies pollinate the flowers; caterpillars of the Striped Hairstreak and Mourning Cloak butterflies eat the leaves; birds feed on the buds and small mammals eat the seed capsules. Beavers use the branches to build their dams.Early food source for birds and mammals.

    Attracts butterflies.  Larval host Mourning Cloak and Viceroy butterflies. Special value to native bees.