• Mature height: 40-60 feet in cultivation

  • Rapid growth rate

  • Light: Full sun to part shade

  • Soil: Medium

  • Tolerant of high summer temperatures typical in the Mid-Atlantic

  • Not suitable as a street tree

  • Noted for excellent fall foliage

  • More photos and information here


Fun fact: The sugar maple’s sap has twice the sugar content of other maple trees, making it the No. 1 source of sap for maple syrup.


Sugar Maple 'Green Mountain'

25 Gallons
  • Sugar Maple is one of the trees most responsible for giving New England its brilliant fall foliage.  'Green Mountain' provides that foliage but has greater heat and drought tolerange, and its dense crown makes it a great shade tree.  The Green Mountain grows 2 to 3 feet per year and lives for more than 100 years.  Its bark is smooth and gray and becomes scaly as it ages.