Red Maple Kit:

  • Pussy Willow (white/yellow, February-May, 3 gallon)
  • Red Maple 'October Glory' (red/yellow, April-May, 5 gallon) 
  • Redbud (pink, May-June, 3 gallon)
  • False Indigo (shrub, purple, May-July, 5 gallon) 
  • Redosier Dogwood (shrub, white, May-August, 3 gallon) 


Black Locust Kit (hummingbirds):

  • Black Locust (white, April-May, 3 gallon)-- second photo
  • Buttonbush (medium shrub, white, June-August, 3 gallon)
  • Redbud (pink, May-June, 3 gallon)
  • New Jersey Tea (small shrub, white, July-Aug, 1 gallon)
  • Basswood (white, July-Aug, 7 gallon)

Bee photo by Matt Degnan

To Attract Pollinators--Trees

  • With this kit we offer two options: the Red Maple kit and the Black Locust kit.  Both kits have Very High pollinator values.  The trees and shrubs in the Black Locust kit also attract hummingbirds.  

    If you haven't tried Black Locust, it's a beautiful tree with the most intensely fragrant and drooping white flowers in the spring.  This tree reportedly is what convinced John Muir to become a naturalist.  It is thorny, and it does spread fairly aggressively, although this can be controlled with mowing and simply removing new shoots.

    Black Locust also attracts Monarch butterflies.

    With either kit you should have blooms from April through at least August.