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  • Mature height: 2 to 5 feet
  • Light: Full sun; tolerates partial sun
  • Soil: Dry to medium
  • Landscape uses: Sunny borders, naturalized areas, butterfly gardens.     
  • Deer resistant: Yes 
  • Fun fact: Western Sunflower, although native to the East Coast, gets it name from the fact that North America is west of Europe.
  • Photo: Pixabay


Western Sunflower

3 Quarts
  • Pollinator value:  Medium.  Special value to native bees.  Also attracts songbirds and butterflies.

    This long-blooming perennial, also known as “Naked-stem Sunflower,” produces up to a dozen brilliant and cheerful yellow flower heads per stalk, with the heads measuring 1.5 to 2.5 inches across. 

    It will tolerate drought and is a good plant for holding dry soils in place to prevent erosion.  Flowers appear in June and last into November.   Over time, it can spread to create large colonies.