Height: 1-2' tall

Light: Part shade; full sun ok

Soil: Moist

Bloom: Pink or lavender, mid-summer

Landscape: Aggressive; best potted or planted in an open area

Fun fact: "The genus name Mentha comes from Mintho, mistress of Pluto, ruler of Hades. His jealous queen, Proserpine, upon learning of Mintho, trampled her, transforming her into a lowly plant forever to be walked upon. Pluto made this horrible fate more tolerable by willing that the more the plant was trampled, the sweeter it would smell" -- Wildflower.org

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Wild Mint

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator value: Very High.  Butterflies, moths, native bees, beetles, etc.  Flying things all over mint.  Good for attracting pollinators to a vegetable garden.

    Tiny blue or lavender bell-shaped flowers grow along the stem.  An aromatic plant with crushed, minty leaves often used in beverages and as a sorbet garnish.