• Current height: 3 to 4 feet
  • Mature height: 40 to 75 feet, with a 25- to 50-foot spread
  • Growth rate: Medium (13” to 24” per year)
  • Light:  Full sun to part shade
  • Soil: Medium to wet
  • Landscape uses:  Shade tree for large lawns or along streets with good fall color.  Good for golf courses and does well along ponds or water gardens; and generally tolerates urban conditions.
  • Fun fact:  Although the leaves resemble those of willows, this tree is recognized as an oak by the acorns and tiny bristle-tip.


Oak, Willow

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Medium. Larval host for butterflies and moths.

    A handsome and popular shade tree with fine-textured leaves that are bright green in summer and yellow-to-russet in fall.

    The willow oak is widely planted in the DC area and southward, working well as a street tree and tolerant of poorly drained soils. Wildlife consume and spread the acorns. Best for large lawns and golf courses.