Who We Are


     Tree Talk Natives specializes in gloriously beautiful trees that grow naturally in the mid-Atlantic region and support the birds, butterflies, pollinators and mammals that live here.    

     We have an abundance of Dogwood, Redbud, Sourwood and other flowering trees as well as hardwoods and evergreens.  We also have a wide selection of shrubs, wildflowers and grasses.

     You will love our trees!  We grow them from seedlings in special air-root fabric containers -- the smallest of which are made from recycled plastic water bottles -- that enable trees to retain all of their root systems.

     Our trees are hearty, lively and healthy, benefiting from years of TLC.

Go Natives!

Mom Feeding Baby Bird.jpg

Cover and this photo by Matt Degnan

Why Natives?


     Love birds?  With a yard full of non-natives, you might need an artificial feeder.

     A native oak, on the other hand, hosts hundreds of caterpillars and other bugs--plenty for Ms. chickadee to feed her hatchlings.

     No room for a tree?  Watch the hummingbirds flock to the native trumpet vine growing up your light post.  

     Sparrows and goldfinch will love you for your meadow of goldenrods. 

     Monarch butterflies will have a field day on your native milkweed.

     And if you want to watch the beautiful Spring Azure butterfly while drinking your morning coffee, Red Osier Dogwood is the shrub for you!