• Mature height: 50-70 feet; 40- to 50-foot spread

  • Bloom time: March to April ; yellow fall color

  • Growing conditions: likes full sun

  • Attracts migratory birds and various butterfly species

  • Shows great resistance to the elm leaf beetle that spread the fungus that dessicimated the classic American Elm in the 1970s and '80s.


American Elm Tree--Jefferson

7 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Medium

    Larval host to various moth species; attracts honeybees.

    A classic American Elm but with "Excellent” resistance to Dutch Elm Disease. Its dark green leaves emerge in the spring and hang on late into the fall.  This cultivar was released by U.S. government is 2005 and reportedly was cloned from an Elm on the National Mall that has survived since the 1930s (Missouri Botanical Garden).