What is Tree Talk Natives?

Tree Talk Natives specializes in trees native to the mid-Atlantic and supporting the birds, butterflies, bees and mammals that live here. We have flowering trees, hardwoods, evergreens, and a wide selection of bushes, wildflowers and grasses.


Some of our products hail from slightly further afield but still thrive in this climate. We have some cultivars, primarily in cases where the straight species was not available or where we thought it better to plant a native cultivar than an invasive species.


Our trees grow in fabric containers that not only promote healthier roots but are made from recycled materials, primarily water bottles. 

Unlike plastic pots found at most nurseries, our fabric containers not only encourage fibrous root systems but also discourage roots from “circling,” which over time can damage or even kill the tree. 

The containers also allow for airflow, protect roots from extreme heat and cold and promote vigorous root growth.


Our Trees are Young Yet Robust!

Minus a few exceptions, you can put our trees in your car and plant them yourselves.  Research* shows trees planted when they are small -- and in containers, retaining nearly 100 percent of their root systems -- do well and eventually outgrow and overtake large trees ripped out of the ground.  

*Tallamy, Douglas W. The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees. Timber Press. March 30, 2021