• Current height:  3-4 feet
  • Mature height: 6 to 12 feet high and wide
  • Light: Full sun to part shade
  • Soil: Medium to wet; slightly acidic
  • One or two for fruit: two
  • Landscape uses: Shrub borders, naturalized area; great ornamental for fall foliage
  • Fun Fact: Blueberries are high in iron.
  • More photos and information here

Blueberry, Highbush

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value:  Very high.  Special value to native bees and bumble bees.  Attracts dozens of bird species including Eastern Bluebird and American Robin.

    This deciduous shrub not only produces edible blueberries but is a fine ornamental choice thanks to its white or pink bell-shaped flowers that bloom in the spring and foliage that changes from reddish green to blue and finally red, yellow, orange and purple in the fall.

    The berries attract dozens of bird species and various small mammals, so netting may be needed to protect the crop. Deer and rabbits eat the twigs and leaves.