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     Not to be confused with Choke-berry, Chokecherry is a small, ornamental tree with clusters of white spring flowers followed by deep purplish fruits.


     This Chokecherry, 'Canada Red,' differs from the straight species in that the leaves emerge a lovely medium-green shade, deepening over the summer to a beautiful maroon, often lending a two-toned effect.


     Chokecherry has arching branches that form a beautifully rounded crown.  The fruits are edible raw but best used when mixed with a little sugar, in jams, jellies, pies and sauces.  Birds find the fruits irresistable.

Chokecherry, Canada Red

5 Gallons
    • Latin: Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red'
    • Current Height: 10-12 feet
    • Mature height: 25-30 feet; 15-20 feet wide
    • Light: Full sun
    • Soil: medium
    • Bloom: fragrant, white, spring
    • Fruit: Edible but sour; deep purple when ripe
    • Leaf: Bright green changing to deep maroon
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