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  • Mature height: 2 to 3 feet or taller with constant moisture; grows in clumps
  • Light: Part shade to full shade
  • Soil: Medium to wet
  • Landscape uses:   Shaded borders; wet areas along ponds and streams.
  • Deer resistant:  Yes
  • Fun fact: Osmunda fiber used to pot orchids comes from the roots of these ferns. (NC Extension)
  • Native range here

Fern, Cinnamon

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator value:  Low.  Larval host for moths.

    Striking in moist, shady areas, this fern provides an attractive accent and can climb to heights of 5 feet or more.  

    Its spring “fiddleheads” unfurl into large yellow-green summer fronds that yellow in the fall.  This fern owes its name to the cinnamon-colored spore cases that appear on the stalks in late spring.

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