Two options: all white blooms or a mix of white and colorful blooms.  These trees and shrubs do well in a mixture of full sun to part shade and medium moisture.

Flowering months are shown in parentheses

White Blooms

  • Carolina Silverbell  (April, 3 gallon) 
  • White Flowering Dogwood * (April-May, 3 gallon) 
  • Yellowwood  (May, 3 gallon) 
  • White Fringetree  (May-June, 3 gallon)
  • Sourwood  (June-July, 3 gallon) 
  • Mountain Gordlinia  (August) (pictured, 3 gallon) 

*May substitute Blackhaw Viburnum 


Mix of White and Colorful Blooms.  The shrubs, particularly Honeysuckle Dwarf Bush and Shrubby St. Johns Wort, are low to the ground.

  • Redbud  (April, fuschia), 3 gallon
  • False Indigo (April-June, purple/dk blue yellow centers), 5 gallon
  • Sweetshrub (April-July, dark red), 3 gallon
  • Sweetbay Magnolia  (May to June, white, pictured), 3 gallon 
  • Shrubby St. Johns (June-August, Yellow), 1 gallon

To Create a Garden of Flowering Trees

  • The flowers on these trees and shrubs are not only beautiful but also fragrant and carry high pollinator values.

    With these kits, you get a whole season of blooms, from April through August and into September.  Surround the trees with perennial beds, and you've got a beautiful, colorful, fragrant garden that will appeal to kids, grandkids and tons of birds and bugs.