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     If you love native blooms as much as we do, you'll totally fall for our flowering tree and shrub kits.


     The flowers in these kits are not only beautiful but also fragrant and carry high pollinator values.


     And, they provide a whole season of blooms, from April through August and into October!


     Add perennial beds around the kits, and you've got a beautiful, colorful, fragrant garden that will appeal not only to kids, grandkids but also tons of birds and bugs. :)


To Create a Garden of Flowering Trees

  • Here we offer two options:

    The first kit features all-white blooms and the second features a mixture of white and colorful blooms.

    The trees and shrubs in both kits do well in a mixture of full sun to part shade and medium moisture.

    Flowering months are shown in parentheses

    White Blooms

    • Wild Plum (March) ($45)
    • White Flowering Dogwood * (April-May) ($75)
    • White Fringetree  (May-June) ($25)
    • Ninebark (May-June) ($75)
    • Sweetbay Magnolia  (May to June) ($45)
    • Sourwood  (June-July) ($75)
    • Mountain Gordlinia  (August-October) ($150)

    $490, minus 10% from individual purchases: $441

    *May substitute Blackhaw Viburnum (May-June)

    Mix of White and Colorful Blooms.  

    • Red Maple (March-April, red) ($75)
    • Redbud  (April, fuschia) ($75)
    • Sweetshrub (April-July, dark red) ($45)
    • Sweetbay Magnolia  (May to June, white) ($45)
    • Indigobush (April-June, purple/orange) ($225)
    • Shrubby St. Johns Wort (June-August, Yellow) ($45)
    • Witch Hazel (December-February, yellow) ($45)

    $555, minus 10% from individual purchases: $499.50

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