• · Current Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • · Mature Height: 6 to 12 feet, with 6- to 10-foot spread
  • · Light: Full sun to part shade
  • · Soil: Dry to medium
  • Bloom: Yellow, spring (male)
  • Fruit: Red, summer (females) (2 for fruit)
  • Leaf: Red fall
  • · Deer resistant: Yes
  • · Landscape uses: Good for hard-to-cover areas with poorer soils, or for naturalized areas.  Informal hedges. 
  • · Fun fact: Although its leaves resemble poison ivy, this deciduous shrub is totally nonpoisonous. 

Sumac, Fragrant

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    Fragrant Sumac attracts Monarchs, provides special value to native bees, is a larval host for Hairstreak butterflies and provides nectar for butterflies.

    It also provides winter food for for many upland gamebirds, songbirds, and large and small mammals. Two plants are needed for fruit.

    A rapid spreader, Fragrant Sumac colonizes to form thickets and looks best when planted en masse.

    Outstanding fall color.