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     Groundsel Bush flowers in the fall, a time when few other trees or shrubs are in bloom. 


     The dense foliage and branching of Groundsel Bush provides great cover for birds and small mammals.  A male plant is needed for female fruit.  Fruit becomes cottony seeds that blow about in the wind.


     Groundsel Bush is easy to grow and tolerates wet, sandy, loamy, rocky and dry soils as well as brackish water and salt spray.

Groundsel Bush

2 Gallons
    • Latin: Baccharis halimifolia
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Height: 5-10 feet high and wide
    • Light: Full sun
    • Soil: Medium to wet
    • Bloom: White, August-October
    • Foliage: Deciduous, blue-green
    • Landscape: Sandy areas, salt marshes, rain garden, hedge
    • Resistance: Dry, wet, salt
    • Native range here
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