• Grows and spreads 2-3 feet; mound shaped
  • Tube-like flowers emerge yellow in summer, turn to shades of orange and red in summer
  • Good fall color; orange-ish bark
  • Light: Part-shade, shade
  • Soil: dry to medium; tolerates drought
  • Attracts butterflies; moth larval host
  • More photos and information here


Honeysuckle dwarf bush

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    A beautiful shrub for dry, shady areas, dwarf honeysuckle's dark green leaves turn shades of red and purple in the fall.  Its tube-like flowers bloom all summer and attract butterflies and bees.  The leaves host various caterpillar species, and the plant provides special value to bumble bees.

    Its drought-tolerance root system makes dwarf honeysuckle a good choice for erision control.  Makes a great hedge and good for sloping areas where it can grow and spread.