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Ilex glabra

Height: 3-4' tall, 4-6' wide

Light: full sun to part shade

Soil: wet to moderately dry and sandy; well-drained

Fruit: Purple in fall turning black; 'Compacta' (female) and 'Bob Rappalea' (male) best for fruit

Leaf: Evergreen, shiny, deep green

Resistance: Wet, shade, deer, rabbit 

Good alternative to nonnative boxwood

Inkberry 'Compacta' and 'Bob Rappalea'

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator value: Very High (straight species); larval host to Pawpaw Sphinx and other moths and butterflies.  Native bees, beetles, wasps, flies.

    Excellent as a hedge and incorporated into a rain garden.  Prefers moist sun but has good shade tolerance.

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