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  • Current height: 6 inches
  • Grows 4-6 feet; understory tree
  • Light: Part to full shade
  • Soil: moist
  • Pale yellow spring blooms
  • Leaves turn bright yellow in the fall
  • Blue-grey bark 
  • Fun fact: Native Americans used the twigs to make bow strings and fishing line (Missouri Botanical Garden)

Photo: Fritz Flohr Reynolds

Leatherwood (shrub)--Coming Soon

3 Gallons
  • A hardy and easily grown shrub, leatherwood presents pale yellow flowers with white centers; a good and bountiful bloomer among shade-preferring shrubs.   Its leaves also emerge in early spring and often are among the first in the landscape to unfurl.  The bark and leaves are tough but extremely flexible; its twigs can be tied in a knot without breaking.  In winter the twigs can take on orange and red tones.  This shrub may cause skin irritation when touched.