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Height: 2-4’ tall and wide

Light: Full sun

Soil: Medium to dry

Bloom: Purple/bronze racimes in August;

Leaf: Bluish in summer; warm orange-yellow fall persisting hrough winter

Maintenance: Cut to ground in early spring to promote new growth

Landscape: Butterfly, native, pollinator gardens; provides year-round cover for wildlife

Native range and additional information here

Photo: Matt Lavin

Little Bluestem

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator value: High.  Butterfly larval host; nesting and structure bees, butterflies. Songbirds eat the seeds.

    Fun fact: Little Bluestem was the Perennial Plant Association's Perennial of the Year for 2022: "Summer through fall, the slender leaves and stems of little bluestem are an ever-changing kaleidoscope of gray-green, blue, pink, purple, copper, mahogany, red, and orange tones. Wispy silver-white seed heads sparkle in autumn sunlight and coppery brown leaves persist through winter."


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