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     Pennsylvania Sedge is a beautiful, soft, grass-like sedge that makes a lovely groundcover in shady areas. 


     It tolerates some foot traffic and ideal for a lawn alternative in shady areas.


     Carex pensylvanica is one of the few sedges that prefers dry soil.  It spreads by rhizomes up to 8 inches per year to form a turf.  It also makes a great ground cover under deciduous trees.


     Fun fact: Pennsylvania sedge is common around oak trees and therefore often is referred to as oak sedge


     Photo: Creative Commons

Pennsylvania sedge

1 Quart
  • Latin: Carex pensylvanica

    Height: 6-12 inches

    Light: Dappled sun

    Soil: Dry to medium

    Bloom: Spring, whitish

    Foliage: Pale-green, semi-evergreen

    Landscape: Groundcover; lawn alternative

    Pair with: Pussytoes, Foamflower, Choral Bells

    Resistance: Deer

    Native range here

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