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     Looking for a beautiful ornamental shrub that attracts songbirds and butterflies? 


     Purple-flowering Raspberry also provides nesting for bees.  It's in the Rose family and coveted for its 2-inch, fragrant, pinkish-purple rose-like flowers that bloom most of the summer.  It makes a great addition to a home garden as well as an attractive hedge.


     Its fruits make a great snack and are good on cereal and in smoothies.


     Purple-flowering Raspberry is thornless, and its large, velvety green, maple-like leaves turn golden in the fall.  The leaves completely cover the shrub from top to bottom, providing a glorious full coat of foliage.


     It spreads to form thickets and is a good choice for a natural area, slope or hedge. It is happiest in full sun with well-drained soil.


Purple-flowering Raspberry

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Rubus odoratus
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Current height: 1-3 feet
    • Mature height: 3-6 feet; 6-12-feet wide
    • Light: Full sun (best) to part shade
    • Soil: Moist, well drained
    • Bloom: Fragrant, rose-purple June-August
    • Fruit: Edible red raspberries
    • Foliage: Deciduous, maple-like green leaves, gold fall
    • Landscape: Shade, native plant gardens
    • Native range here
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