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     Purple Love Grass, with its purplish-pink inflorescences rising above blue-green foliage, makes an outstanding addition to a perennial garden.  It is a larval host to the Zabulon Skipper and provides nesting for native bees.


     Its mid-summer blooms look like a haze of purple floating above the foliage, turning bronzy-red in fall.


     This grass appreciates elbow room, and it likes poor, dry soil.  It also looks great planted en masse for a glorious, airy purple display.


     For more on Purple Love Grass read our blog here

Purple Love Grass

1 Quart
    • Latin: Eragrostis spectabilis
    • Mature height: 1 foot
    • Spacing: 2 feet
    • Light: Sun
    • Soil: Dry to medium, sandy
    • Bloom: Showy purple, lavender late summer to fall
    • Landscape: native garden; lawn alternative
    • Resistance: Black Walnut, foot traffic, salt
    • Native range here
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