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     Rock Harlequin is a beautiful and unusual plant for sunny, dry sites with rocky or shallow soil.


     Its pink tube-shaped flowers have yellow tips and the foliage is an attractive blue-green.  The leaves are deeply lobed, almost fern like -- but more poppy-like given Rock Harlequin is in the poppy family.  It's native throughout New England although considered rare in Rhode Island.


     This unusual plant flowers from early spring through summer, flowers giving way to dry seed pods, with the tiny, black seeds then spread by ants.


     Rock Harlequin makes a wonderful addition to any garden and especially a rock garden.



Rock Harlequin / Pink Corydalis

1 Quart
    • Latin: Capnoides sempervirens
    • Height: 2 feet
    • Light: Full to part sun
    • Soil: Medium-dry
    • Bloom: Pink and yellow, May-September
    • Foliage: Deciduous, greenish blue
    • Landscape: Dry, sunny, rocky gardens; pair with Butterfly Milkweed; biannual, self-seeds
    • Resistance: n/a
    • Native range here
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