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     If you have a relatively dry, partly shady site, Roundleaf Dogwood may be the shrub for you. It's a lesser-known Dogwood, considered a species of concern in Rhode Island, yet provides nearly four-season interest as a specimen plant.


     Its leaves are big and round, giving it a soft, tropical appearance, and its spring blooms are just as attractive as its more popular cousins.


     Fragrant, creamy flowers emerge in June followed by lovely summer foliage, fall blueish-white berries on red stems and reddish markings on its twigs and branches in winter.


     Native bees and butterflies love Roundleaf, which also is a larval host to the Spring Azure butterfly.


     Roundleaf Dogwood is at home in dappled sunlight and medium soil. This shrub takes on a nice rounded shape, and pruning occasionally can encourage bushiness.


     It likes to form small thickets and should be planted 2-5 feet apart for an informal hedge.

Dogwood, Roundleaf (shrub)

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Cornus rugosa
    • Pollinator value: Medium
    • Current height: 2-4 feet
    • Mature height: 8-10 feet high and wide
    • Light: Part-shade understory tree or shrub, vase shaped
    • Soil: Medium to dry; more drought tolerant than other dogwoods
    • Blooms: Bright white late spring flowers
    • Foliage: Deciduous, brilliant fall reds, pinks and purples
    • Landscape: Screen or hedge; excellent for dry, shady sites
    • Native range here
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