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     Allegheny Serviceberry is closely related to the more common Downy Serviceberry, but two key differences prompted horticulturalist William Cullina to declare Allegheny "the tree Amelanchier of choice for gardens."


  •      New growth: Bronzy-purple, contrasting nicely with its large, white flowers
  •      Fruits: Among the most delicious of all the Serviceberries


     Allegheny blooms early, like Downy, but fade slightly sooner.  Likewise, its red to purple berries appear in early summer and either drop or are fully consumed by July.


     Fall color is excellent! :)

Serviceberry, Allegheny

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Amelanchier laevis
    • Pollinator value: Medium
    • Current height: 1-2 feet
    • Mature height: 25 to 40 feet; 8- to 15-foot spread
    • Light: Full sun to part shade (best in full sun)
    • Soil: Moist or dry, well drained
    • Bloom: White, early spring
    • Foliage: Deciduous, orange-red fall
    • Fruits: Edible, ripen in summer
    • Resistance: Deer, salt
    • Native range here


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