Mature height 10-15 feet; 6-10' spread

White spring flowers; blue fruits; red-purple bark browning as the tree ages

Light: Full sun to part or even full shade (adaptable)

Soil: Moist to wet

Landscape: Slopes, naturalized areas, accent shrub, winter twig interest

Deer resistant: No

Colonize: Yes

Dogwood, Silky (shrub)

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High.  Azure Butterfly host.  Attracts bees, thrushes, cardinals, woodpeckers.  Gloriously beautiful shrub with an abundance of white spring flowers and bluish fruits.  Butterflies, birds and bees swarm this shrub.  Best along streams or in moist, shady areas.  Accent for a rain garden.  Good for slope stabilization.