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     Spotted St. John's Wort distinguishes itself by its small black dots, or freckles, along its cheery yellow flower petals and green leaves.


     The flowers attract both short- and long-tongued bees as well as butterflies, moths, beetles and flies.  Its red fruits split open when ripe, and the leaves on mature plants turn brilliant red.


     Fun fact: The common name refers to St. John, a day of feasting celebrated in Medieval Europe at the time of the summer solstice

Spotted St. John's Wort

1 Quart
    • Latin: Hypericum punctatum
    • Pollinator value: High
    • Wetland indicator status: FAC
    • Height: 1 to 3 feet tall
    • Light: Part shade
    • Soil: Medium
    • Bloom: Yellow, June-September
    • Foliage: Deciduous, green or red stems
    • Landscape: Moist prairies, open woodlands, along pond or stream banks
    • Resistance: Deer
    • Native range here
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