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     Sweet Fern adds grace and quiet beauty to the garden with its soft, fern-like leaves and delicate branching.  Mildly fragrant, this beautiful, adaptable shrub establishes easily and colonizes in most soil conditions.


     Try a row of Sweet Fern along a driveway or as a border to a native plant garden. The pollinators will love you!  Sweet Fern is a larval host for the Gray Hairstreak butterfly and Apple Sphinx and other moth species.  

Sweet Fern

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Comptonia peregrina
    • Pollinator value: Medium
    • Wetland status: UPL
    • Height: 2-5 feet; 4-6-foot spread
    • Light: Full sun to part shade
    • Soil: Dry, well-drained; tolerates moist
    • Bloom: Copper, gold spring catkin
    • Fruit: Brownish-green nut, fall
    • Foliage: Deciduous, fern-like, coppery fall, fragrant when crushed
    • Landscape: Native garden, hedge, slope and hard-to-grow areas.
    • Resistance: Deer, drought, wet
    • More information and native range here 
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