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  • Mature height: 2 to 6 feet with a spread of 3 to 5 feet
  • Light: Full sun to full shade
  • Soil: Medium moist
  • Deer resistant: Yes
  • Landscape uses:  Butterfly gardens, naturalized areas, border rears, water margins 
  • Pair with New England Aster, Brown-eyed Susan, Wild Bergamot, Switchgrass

Sweet Joe Pye Weed

1 Quart
  • Pollinator value:  Very high.  An important source of honey, attracting many types of pollinators, songbirds, and butterflies.

    Considered a roadside weed to some, this perennial has great ornamental qualities including spectacular flowering when planted in groups.  Its large, domed flower head consists of tiny florets of pink and lavender hues, blooming from July to September.  The flowers and leaves are vanilla scented when crushed.  More than other types of Joe-Pye weeds, this one can tolerate moderately dry soils.