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     Wavy Hair Grass is a clump forming, cool season grass that grows in the spring and fall.  Tiny purplish flowers bloom in summer.  The flower panicles are loose and airy and turn gold in the fall.  This grass can be showy even in winter.


     Wavy Hair Grass is excellent in en masse and in a natural area.   It also makes a nice specimen and works well with ferns and other shade-loving plants.


     Wavy Hair Grass prefers sandy or rocky soils.

Wavy Hair Grass

1 Quart
    • Latin: Deschampsia flexuosa
    • Height: 2-3 feet; 1-2-foot spread
    • Light: Part to full shade
    • Soil: Medium
    • Bloom: Purple to bronze, summer
    • Foliage: Dark green
    • Landscape: Ground cover, rain garden
    • Resistance: Deer, rabbit, salt
    • Native range here
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