Height: 50-80 feet

Light: full sun

Soil: Well-drained; adaptable

Exceptional fall foliage

Fun fact: In 2004 the oak was officially declared the National Tree of the United States.  White Oak is slow growing at first but speeds up once its roots have established.  It lives for hundreds of years.

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Oak, White

3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: officially "Medium" -- but as entomologist Doug Tallamy explains, the White Oak supports more than 500 species of caterpillars--more than any other tree or plant.  Migrating birds depend on these butterfly and moth caterpillars and use them to feed their young.

    White Oak also provides exceptional fall foliage and holds most of its leaves through the winter.

    White Oak makes a great "family" tree--excellent for marking new milestones :)