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     Silky Willow is one of the showiest of the willows, its silvery leaves making it a good alternative to the invasive Russian Olive.


     Silky Willow is a larval host to the Acadian Hairstreak, Viceroy  and dozens of other butterfly and moth species, and it attracts bees and beetles.   It is an early nectar source for pollinators and a Keystone Plant because it feeds hundreds of butterfly and moth caterpillars.  


Willow, Silky

7 Gallons
    • Latin: Salix sericea
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Wetland status: OBL
    • Height: 10-12 feet tall and bushy
    • Light: sun or dappled shade; best in dappled sun
    • Soil: damp; standing water
    • Bloom: Orange buds, white flowers, late winter
    • Foliage: Silvery green, long and slender
    • Spread: Minimal; does not sucker; slow to naturalize
    • Landscape: Butterfly, pollinator garden; bank stabilization; wet areas
    • Attracts: Birds, butterflies, bees
    • More information and native range here
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