• Note: Our Basswood were hit hard by Japanese Beetles earlier this summer, so their leaves look lacey; however, the trees will grow new leaves in the spring and be just fine.  Tree Talk does not use chemical pesticides.

  • Current Height: 5 feet· 

  • Mature height: 50-80 feet; 30- to 60-foot spread

  • Growth rate: Fast (24" per year)

  • Light: Full sun to part shade

  • Soil: Moist; tolerates drought but not urban stresses

  • Deer resistant: A little

  • Landscape uses: Stately ornamental shade tree

Fun fact: ☺ Honey made from the nectar of the Linden flower is considered gourmet, and its flowers have been used to make tea. ☺


7 Gallons

    Pollinator value: Very high.

    A large tree with fragrant flowers attracting so many bees the buzzing can be heard several feet away.   The tree’s lower branches drape downward before sweeping up in a gentle curve.  The leaves are heart shaped and dark green, turning yellow in the fall.  Small, grey nuts appear later in the summer and persist until winter.