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     Basswood, or Linden, may be the most beautiful of all the large shade trees. 


     Also known as the bee tree, it's a large tree with fragrant flowers attracting so many bees the buzzing can be heard several feet away.


     The tree’s lower branches drape downward before sweeping up in a gentle curve.


     The leaves are heart shaped and dark green, turning yellow in the fall. Small, grey nuts appear later in the summer and persist until winter.


     For more on Tilia americana, read my blog here


     Fun fact: ☺ Honey made from the nectar of the Linden flower is considered gourmet, and its flowers have been used to make tea. ☺


7 Gallons
    • Latin: Tilia americana
    • Pollinator value: Very high
    • Wetland status: FACU
    • Current Height: 1-2' and 5-7 feet· 
    • Mature height: 50-80 feet; 30- to 60-foot spread
    • Growth rate: Fast (24" per year)
    • Light: Full sun to part shade
    • Soil: Moist; tolerates drought but not urban stresses
    • Bloom: Pale yellow, late spring
    • Foliage: Deciduous, yellow fall
    • Deer resistant: A little; highly susceptible to Japanese beetles
    • Landscape uses: Stately and gloriously beautiful ornamental shade tree
    • More photos, information and native range here
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