Mature height: 50-80 feet

Bloom time: May, white

Red fruits turn black in summer; attract birds, mammals and pollinators.

The fruit can be eaten raw but is bitter and usually used to make wine and jelly or to flavor rum. 

Growing conditions: Moist soil

Concerns: Poisonous to livestock but not deer, although it's not a favorite of deer. 



Black Cherry Tree

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator Value: Very High

    Larval host for more than 400 butterfly and moth species.  Attracts birds. 

    Small, white and fragrant spring flowers hang in racimes.  Red berries turn black in summer.  Birds including bluebirds, blue jays, cardinals, crows, woodpeckers, etc. eat the berries, as do grouse, turkey and mammals including red fox, raccoon, squirrels and rabbits.