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     What a cheerful plant!  Golden Groundsel's yellow glow on a spring morning brightens up even shady areas under the trees and in the forests.  


     Its daisy-like flowers bloom in sun or shade, and Golden Groundsel self sows, and it spreads aggressively, forming thick mats, which is great for tamping out invasives and other weeds.


     Golden Groundsel is host to the threatened Northern Metalmark and other moth larvae, and it attracts lots of other pollinators.


     Photos: Creative Commons

Golden Groundsel

1 Gallon
    • Latin: Packera aurea
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Wetland status: FACW
    • Height: 3-5 inch foliage; up to 2 feet with flowers
    • Light: Full sun to full shade
    • Soil: Medium to wet; tolerates drier soil in shade
    • Bloom: Spring, yellow
    • Foliage: Evergreen
    • Landscape: Groundcover, rain garden
    • Resistance: Deer, rabbits
    • Native range here


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