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     Showy Goldenrod is one of the most beautiful plants for gardens and pollinators. 


     You'll see not only Monarchs but all sorts of butterflies and moths, along with beetles, native bees and flies, zipping, resting and slurping nectar all over this plant.


     While Showy Goldenrod blooms a bit later than Sweet Goldenrod, its flowers are spectacular and totally worth the wait.   


     Showy Goldenrod has fibrous roots and tends to behave itself in a garden.  It makes a great accent but also puts on a fabulous show when planted en masse.

Goldenrod, Showy

1 Gallon
    • Latin: Solidago speciosa
    • Pollinator value: Very High
    • Height: 2-3 feet high and wide
    • Spacing: 1-2 feet
    • Light: Full sun
    • Soil: Dry to medium
    • Bloom: Fall, yellow
    • Foliage: Narrow, green
    • Pair with: Sweet Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, Wild Bergamot
    • Landscape: Accent, wild garden, butterfly garden, meadow
    • Resistance: Deer
    • More information and native range here
    • Photos: Creative Commons


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