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Height: 3-6 inches

Light: Full to part sun; best in full sun

Soil: Moist or dry, well drained

Bloom: Pink, white March-May

Foliage: Semi-evergreen florettes

Landscape: Groundcover, walkway, pollinator or native garden

Resistance: drought

Fun fact: So named because the flowers bear some resemblance to a cat's paw.

More information and native range here

Pussytoes, Plantain-leaved

1 Gallon
  • Pollinator value: Very High.  Larval host American Lady and other butterflies; moth larval host; attracts beetles, native bees, wasps, flies, etc.

    Excellent and attractive ground cover for sunny and lightly shaded areas.  Vigorous and good for covering large areas with delicate spring color and foliage that will last all season and into the colder months.

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