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     Red Chokeberry puts on an outstanding fall show.  Its glossy red berries persist into winter, and its fall foliage turns a striking scarlet to shades of orange. 


     In early summer, daisy-like blooms with red stamens pop out, pulling in native bees, beetles and butterflies.  Birds seek out the berries in winter when food is scarce.


     Red Chokeberry will grow into a lovely vase shape, and it can be pruned as a single-trunk small tree.  Left alone it will colonize.


     It is a good tree for hedges and for soil stabilization near ponds or other wet areas.  Red Chokeberry also makes a great native substitute for the invasive Euonymus alata (burning bush).


     1st photo: Andrey Zharkikh

Chokeberry, Red

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Aronia arbutifolia
    • Pollinator Value: High
    • Wetland status: FACW
    • Current height: 2'
    • Mature height: 6-10 feet, 3- to 4-foot spread
    • Light: Best in full sun; tolerates shade.
    • Soil: Well drained; adaptable to wet and drought.
    • Bloom time: April to May, white
    • Landscape: Makes a great hedge; berries provide winter interest, nice specimen
    • Native range here


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