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Family: Lauraceae, Laurel

Height: 30 to 60 feet; 20- to 40-foot spread

Light: Full to part sun

Soil: Moist or dry

Bloom: Spring, gold/yellow racimes, fragrant

Fruit: June-September, bluish-black, on female trees

Foliage: Brilliant fall; multiple shapes

Landscape: Shade, specimen, screen (if allowed to colonize)

Resistance: Black Walnut, deer

More information and native range here

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Fun fact: Albidum means whitish, referencing the undersides of the leaves


3 Gallons
  • Pollinator value: Very High.  Larval host to dozens of butterfly and moth species including the Spicebush and Palamedes swallowtails, and the Imperial Moth.

    Sassafras makes a nice shade tree, or it can be left to colonize as a shorter hedge.  Female trees produce drupes that ripen in September and hang on red stalks.  Also in fall, the leaves turn brilliant colors of orange and red.

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