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     Sheep Laurel is a beautiful, small evergreen shrub that likes to form colonies.  In spring, its flowers erupt in varying shades of pink adding sparks of color to the landscape.


     A four-season plant--including purple/burgundy fall leaf color--Sheep Laurel works great as a foundation plant and makes a nice addition to a sunny or partly shady garden, happiest given room to spread and form colonies.


     Sheep Laurel is larval host to several butterflies including the Northern Blue and Brown Elfin.


     Sheep Laurel grows naturally in boggy soil but is adaptable to dry soil once established.  It is in the Heath family and prefers slightly acidic soils.


     Also called Sheepkill, Kalmia angustifolia is toxic to livestock and largely deer resistant.


     1st photo: Doug McGrady

Laurel, Sheep

1 Gallon
    • Latin: Kalmia angustifolia
    • Pollinator value: High
    • Height: 2-3 feet; 2-4 feet wide
    • Light: Full sun to light shade
    • Soil: Moist to medium-dry; prefers moist springs and drier summers
    • Bloom: Hot pink, light pink, spring to summer
    • Foliage: Evergreen, leathery
    • Landscape: Foundations, woodlands, moist areas
    • Resistance: Deer
    • Native range here
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