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  • Mature height: Vine growing 15 to 20 feet per year
  • Light: Full sun to full shade
  • Soil: Moist to dry
  • Landscape uses: Shade gardens (or sunnier places); vertical spaces; along fences and on trellises, arbors, and posts; intermingles attractively with shrubs.
  • Deer resistance: Yes

Fun fact: Native Americans used this plant for medicinal purposes, and an extract from the stems was used as a hallucinogen.

Also called Devil's Darning Needles

Virgin’s Bower

1 Quart
  • Pollinator value: Very High

    Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and native bees.  


    Also called Devil's Darning Needles, this beautiful and common Clematis grows rapidly in shade or sun, has bright green foliage and produces clusters of creamy white flowers.

    Clematis does not "stick" to other plants; it twists and wraps around them.  It is one of the few vines that will flower with large amounts of shade.   

    Poisonous to humans; toxic to dogs, cats, horses.