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     This adorable tree attracts all sorts of pollinators including butterflies, beetles, native bees, wasps and flies, and it is larval host to the Great Ash and other lepidoptera.


     Perhaps they're attracted to its sweetly fragrant flowers that droop in clusters of frilly fringe all over the tree in spring?  This tree is so covered with blooms in the spring it looks like a bouncy white hairdo.


     Birds relish the fruits, which ripen to blue-black in July through September.  White Fringe has a beautiful canopy, and its twisting branches create winter interest.


     White Fringe is easy to transplant and frequently grown in clumps of up to three trunks from a single base.

White Fringe Tree

3 Gallons
    • Latin: Chionanthus virginicus
    • Pollinator Value: Very High
    • Height: 12-20 feet high and wide
    • Light: Sun to part shade
    • Soil: Moist, well drained
    • Bloom: white fragrant, May-June
    • Fruit: Dark-blue, fall, best with two or more trees
    • Foliage: Pear shaped; yellow in fall
    • Landscape: Specimen, border, garden, near streams
    • Native range here
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